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Montessori Children's Wardrobe

Montessori Children's Wardrobe

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Our Montessori Children's Wardrobe is thoughtfully designed to foster independence, nurture decision-making skills, and promote a sense of organization and self-care. With the freedom to choose their own clothes from a carefully curated selection, children can develop their decision-making abilities while enjoying the autonomy of their choices. The wardrobe offers ample space to accommodate a variety of options, allowing children to focus and stay engaged without feeling overwhelmed.

Don't limit dressing up to merely selecting clothes from a big closet. Dressing up and managing clothes is a lifelong task, and our wardrobe encourages children to actively participate in this process from an early age. By involving them in selecting and organizing their outfits, we empower them to take ownership of their personal style and daily routines.

Our wardrobes are thoughtfully designed to prioritize the safety of small children and those with a climbing spirit. Featuring an open door-less design to they protect little fingers from accidents. The included wall anchor kit prevents the wardrobe from tipping over. the shelf lock mechanism keeps the shelves securely in place, while the bar is locked on the two side securely.

As your child grows, our Montessori Children's Wardrobe offers flexibility and customization to fit their changing needs. The shelves can be easily adjusted to different heights, giving you plenty of space for different clothes and accessories. You can position the hanger bar at a height that works best for your child, making it easy for them to reach their clothes. Plus, you can assemble the hanger side on either the left or right to suit your room and wardrobe setup.

All wardrobes come with 8 coat hooks (4 on each side).



  • Width: 81cm
  • Height: 91cm
  • Depth: 34cm
  • Hanger Width: 45cm
  • Four 30x30cm side shelves
  • One 30x45 shelf (hanger side)


  • Width: 101cm
  • Height: 91cm
  • Depth: 34cm
  • Hanger Width: 65cm
  • Four 30x30cm side shelves
  • One 30x65 shelf (hanger side)


  • Width: 131cm
  • Height: 91cm
  • Depth: 34cm
  • Hanger Width: 65cm
  • Eight 30x30cm side shelves
  • One 30x65 shelf (middle)

All versions include 8 coat hooks for the sides.


The closet can be place in child room as early as when you prepare the nursery/bedroom and it can be used for children up to 7-8 years old.

The hanger bar can be adjusted in 3 different position to allow access for children from 2 to 8 years old.


For safety, all the shelves have a locking mechanism which prevents them from being pulled or pushed in any direction by children,

This product comes with wall anchoring kit to protect against tipping.


Made of premium Okoumé Marine Plywood.

Hanger bar and side hooks are made from Beech.

You can find out more information about the materials we use here.

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Locked Shelves

All the shelves are equipped with a secure locking mechanism, specifically designed to prevent children from pulling, pushing, or moving them in any direction. However, they can be easily unlocked and adjusted to your desired heights whenever needed.

Matches Your Space

You have the flexibility to assemble the wardrobe according to its placement in the room and your usage preferences. The shelving side can be positioned on either the left or the right, allowing you to customize it to your specific needs

Grows With The Child

The hanger bar offers three adjustable positions, making it accessible for children aged 2 to 8. Additionally, the larger bottom shelf can be conveniently positioned above the hanger bar to accommodate your specific requirements.


    Crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring safety and durability for a long time.


    Finished with UV resistant EN-71 certified toy-safe paint. No color changes & non toxic.


    Anyone can do it! clear instructions and all the necessary tools. No other tools required.


    Curved lines, round edges and smooth surfaces to protect the little ones.


    Effortlessly remove stains, dirt, and dust just by using a simple damp cloth.


    Built to last with secure bolted connections. Assemble & disassemble, time after time.