We use various materials in crafting our products, carefully selecting resources and suppliers based on their high quality, safety standards, and environmentally friendly practices. Continuously researching the latest advancements in available products, we consistently strive to enhance the quality of our creations, delivering superior results that are safer and leave a smaller environmental impact.



All wooden resources are 100% FSC certified. ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.


Marine Plywood

Our products are made using premium Okoumé Marin Plywood as the main material. Okoumé is sourced from Africa, it has beautiful fine texture, it is lightweight and has no odors. Marine plywood made of Okoumé, with flawless layers without any defects, cracks, or imperfections, has exceptional bonding between layers ensuring durability, especially in humid environments. It features the highest quality grading (AA) on both sides, offering a pristine appearance without any repair patches.

Beech Wood

We use different Beech wood pieces in some of our products. Beech wood has a similar beautiful texture like Okoumé and it is extra strong and long-lasting. The Beech wood we use is sourced from Europe. Beech wood is specifically chosen for making components like rungs, hooks, and others in our products.





All our products are sealed on all sides* and edges with clear satin finish. The paint and colors we use comply with the EN 71-3 certification, an EU standard for toy-safe paints and colors. Our waterbased acrylic sealant is ecological, odorless, easy to clean with excellent UV protection, minimized content of hazardous substances and reduced volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

All our products undergo three coats of paint. For surfaces prone to moisture exposure, such as table tops and washing stations, we apply five coats to enhance water resistance.

 * certain surfaces, connection points, connecting surfaces are required not to have any paints on them and are just sanded smooth.



Certain products in our collection come with mirrors. The mirrors are made of unbreakable* shatter-proof* acrylic glass to be safe for children. Acrylic mirrors are primary made for their safety features, they can exhibit limited distortions at far distances which is not the intended purposes of the mirrors in our products.

We also use unbreakable* shatter-proof* acrylic glass in our picture frames and not real glass.

* Unbreakable and shatter-proof comparing to ordinary glass, certainly with enough force and velocity any material can break. 



If you have any questions regarding the materials we utilize, feel free to reach out to us! We would be happy to help and provide you with the information you need.